Harvest action isn’t only in the Vineyard! We spend plenty of time on the forklift, at the shaker table, and elbow deep in grape skins!

Here, Bob’s getting ready to break in our newest winery acquisition, a 5 horsepower pump, with some 2013 juice!

Bob runs every pick on Alta Colina Vineyard! That includes fruit picks for A.C. as well as picks for almost one dozen grape customers.

Here, Bob oversees one of the half dozen white picks of 2013.

Burger Sunday season is still going strong!

Join us at the winery every second and fourth Sunday of the month through October.

One Time Spaceman stole the show last Sunday and all sorts of great music and eats are to come. See you at the winery!

A visit from old friends always merits tasting wine at a few peers and neighbor’s spots and yesterday afternoon we were lucky enough to catch two things: the first was Amy Butler of Ranchero Cellars and the second was this pristine, newly delivered concrete egg.

As always, Amy’s Ranchero wines were some of the top favorites of the day plus she facilitated us giving Humpty Dumpty a face! Come on, he’s wearing shirts and suspenders…it had to be done!



It arrived this morning with a one and a half ton Viognier pick before dawn.

Tomorrow brings the first Marsanne pick plus another ton and a half of Viognier for a grape client.

Deep breath…aaaaaaand it’s on!

This week we learned the very interesting fact that, yes, cats can spontaneously blow up like balloons.

The other night, after not seeing Beanie (my cat) for a few hours, I decided he was probably off hunting so I went to turn off the exterior lights and feed Jetsam before bed and low and behold there he was! Maybe…

The cat on my front porch looked a lot like Beanie—but enormous and collarless. Of course I turned to google. “Why is my cat puffy” yielded questionable results so, despite it being midnight, I trucked him to the vet where they immediately confirmed that he was neither dying nor in pain. Just puffy.

As it turns out, cats’ skin isn’t attached to their bodies like ours is. That’s why you can pick them up by the scruff of their necks. One unfortunate side effect of that though is, if a cat punctures a lung or esophagus, they will inflate like a balloon. And one way to lessen the pressure on an over-filled balloon is to deflate it, which the vet did. Three times. As if that wasn’t enough the vet then decided a bright yellow Hot Topic fishnet sweater vest was required to keep the pressure from building up while his throat heals. Oh the humiliation!

Thankfully Beanie is back to his regular self despite the wardrobe. Thanks Atascadero Pet Hospital!

Jetsam has been looking oddly skinny lately. Nothing has changed in particular and the vet says she’s in top form.

Meanwhile, a friend and fellow wine person, Nick Elliot of Nicora wines (these are awesome wines—we encourage you to acquire some!) donated a couple ducks to our pond. Low and behold there is now only one duck a Jetsam has clearly found a new pastime.

The mystery of the skinny dog and the missing duck has been solved. Albeit, a slightly more macabre solution than ideal. Farm life it seems…

Morning fog, along with cool nights, is one of the side effects of Paso’s proximity to the ocean. Without the Pacific’s cooling influence, Paso would likely be too hot to produce wine of the quality we look for. The daily temperature swing (sometimes up to 50 degrees) is one of the things that lets us, our friends, and neighbors do what we do where we do it!

Jetsam the Vineyard dog keeping an eye on things. She’s been with us a little over a year and Vineyard life definitely suits her!